Round Table Discussion: Self-Proclaimed Baby-Free Experts

By The Headbanging Hostess & Vegetarian Metalhead Let’s face it, intelligent people don’t just breed all willy nilly. We’re responsible with our genetic material. We should be commended, rewarded. Heck, we should get a tax break for not overburdening the system with our offspring. But we don’t. In our society babies have become the ultimate… Continue reading Round Table Discussion: Self-Proclaimed Baby-Free Experts

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“New” Music for the New Year

  In the past one year and four months of our illustrious existence, Alternative Control music columns have featured everything from Connecticut metal to Rhode Island metal… to Massachusetts metal-ish punk… To nomadic noise-metal… To scary metal that you could play on Halloween… Well, you get the idea! In an effort to expand our repertoire,… Continue reading “New” Music for the New Year

Alternative Control’s #UnoccupytheMall Holiday Shopping Guide

  By Jessica May and Vanessa David Hi folks, Jessie here.  ‘Tis the season of joy and wonder, carols and tinsel, Frosty and the Grinch… And the season where big-box retailers keep their serfs, er, employees working overtime to sell us cheap electronics and Chinese-sweatshop-sewn underpants.  From a historical viewpoint, this may be one of… Continue reading Alternative Control’s #UnoccupytheMall Holiday Shopping Guide

Innocent Until…?

By Danielle Gombos Editor’s Note: Danielle Gombos, a graduate of the University of New Haven’s criminal justice program, did extensive research on the case of the so-called “West Memphis Three” before they were released from prison in August; she adapted this article from her research. In light of the case’s eventual outcome and the recent… Continue reading Innocent Until…?

F-You, Remakes

I don’t care if they call it a remake, a “reboot” or a re-envisioning, the current trend of taking perfectly good horror movies and making them again needs to stop. I grew up on horror movies and am not one who is particularly scared by them (just don’t ask me to watch John Carpenter’s Halloween… Continue reading F-You, Remakes