Album Review: Bitter’s Kiss (Self-Titled)

bitter's kiss - Bitter's Kiss cd cover

When you read a press release that basically says, “This album is a teenage girl’s diary, in song,” there’s trepidation as you click play.  But Chloe Baker, the teenage half of New Jersey family band Bitter’s Kiss, is surprisingly perceptive with a soulful voice to boot.  She and her father, Michael Baker, released this eight-track self-titled debut in March 2015.  The lyrical content is that of an adolescent finding her way, but the younger Baker sings about the familiar while avoiding the cliche; some gems include “The Rope” and “Love Won’t Make You Cry.”  Have a listen below:

Personally, I’m impressed that any teenage girl in this universe gets along with her dad well enough for them to record an album together.   So, kudos to the Bakers!   With her ethereal voice and a knack for songwriting, there will be many opportunities for Chloe to shine in this project and beyond.

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