Album Review: Loud Night’s Mindnumbing Pleasure

Loud Night are a new band from Richmond, Virginia that feature former members of underground heroes Ramming Speed. Their mission this time is playing a d-beaten version of heavy metal, that would make Lemmy smile from beyond and make Cronos pay attention, because you can definitely hear both Motorhead and Venom in their sound. You’ll also hear traces of punk bands such as Disfear and Wolfbrigade. But, instead of sounding like a mere copy of the aforementioned bands, Loud Night make their influences their own and it adds up to one rager of an album.

Flat out, Mindnumbing Pleasure (released Sept. 25th) is some filthy, fast and furious rock n roll, meant to be blasted out of your speakers, loud and proud. Don’t bother with 10, turn it up to 11 for this one. This is 13 blasts of pure audio carnage, that never lets up from the first song, “Holy Hell” all the way to the last salvo of “Boots On The Ground.” Also, the fact that it straddles the punk/metal fence quite nimbly, means that both long haired, bullet belt wearing heshers and liberty spike jacket sporting punks are both likely to find something to like in this endeavor.

It’s a shame we’re currently in the midst of a pandemic that has shut down live concerts well into next year, because this is a band meant to be heard in some skeevy dive bar or punk house, where the beer is flowing freely, the volume on the PA is turned way loud, and everybody is raging to the sounds blasting forth from the stage. Sigh.

But, until this global nightmare ends, you can enjoy this slab of supercharged metal/punk and roll. Remember to turn it up loud and crack open a beer for best results.

Highly recommended.

Digital copies available here:

The first vinyl pressing of Mindnumbing Pleasures sold out, but never fear — a second pressing is at the plant! More info here:

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