AltCtrlToob Video Round-Up: Continuum and Bone Church

Two of my favorite Connecticut metal bands have released videos this week! Let’s take a look…

First up, local death metal stalwarts Continuum have just shared the video for “Tides” off their 2019 EP Chronophobe. Edited by another local metal stalwart, Bob “Knob” Marino of OFNR Studios, this video finds vocalist Brenda St. Amant having a gothic beach wedding to her real-life husband Greg. The band and some friends are in attendance, as well as a couple adorable, black-lipsticked flower girls. Alternating beach scenes with performance shots from the band’s practice space, this video is a well-produced four minutes to represent the most brutal of love songs.

Like it? Grab a copy of Chronophobe on bandcamp!

Next up, we’ve got New Haven doom metal outfit Bone Church, who released the video for “Acid Communion” on Doomed and Stoned earlier this week. The title track off their March 2020 album is a not-so-subtle critique of organized religion: how do you know your Kool-Aid, er, communion is the right one? What if we’re all being fooled?

The video emphasizes this point with equal-opportunity clips of many religious rituals, both real and campy; these are interspersed with performance shots and psychedelic imagery.

The band said in a press release,

The video for ‘Acid Communion’ was filmed in October 2020 by our good friends Ray Velazquez, Tristan Rogers, and Jay Haas, and I edited it myself. We filmed it in our old practice spot with very little planning and then I spent way too many hours editing. It’s intense. We have a lot in store for 2021. We’re deep into writing a new album, which we hope to record later this year. It’s still very much Bone Church, but I think people will be surprised and very stoked by new places we’ve taken the band’s sound.”

If you’re drinking the Bone Church Kool-Aid, get your copy of Acid Communion via Ripple Music!

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