AltCtrlToob Goes Easter Egg Hunting with Rammstein’s “Deutschland”

I woke up on March 28 to two ugly truths that I seem to have suppressed for some time now. First, going to bed at 2:30AM is not something I can do anymore if I plan on having a productive day. Second, and more importantly, it has been nearly a decade since the release of Liebe ist für alle da, the last full length album from Rammstein!

My morning may have been off to a slow start, but fortunately that same day saw the return of one of Germany’s finest exports. Teasing new material since the end of January, Rammstein at last released the music video for “Deutschland,” the first single off the upcoming, still unnamed album.

Ever the fearless artists, Rammstein takes us on a journey through German history, folklore, and futuristic themes, including the darker times in the nation. Shortly after the video’s release, Metal Hammer posted an article dissecting many of these references for curious minds.

But the video also rewarded longtime fans with quite a number of well placed callbacks and Easter Eggs from the Rammstein universe. Here is a list of all the things to keep your eyes peeled over the nine minute opus that is “Deutschland.” And stay tuned during the end credits for a touching piano rendition of “Sonne” from 2015’s XXI-Klavier compilation.

  • Angel wings – as used in live performances of “Engel”
  • Hindenburg explosion scene – reminiscent of “Du Hast”
  • Hostage scene – “Ich Will”
  • Glass casket – as seen in “Sonne”
  • Fire masks – as seen in “Feuer frei!”
  • Rammstein in space – call back to “Amerika”
  • Human ‘dog walk’ – as seen in “Mein Teil”
  • Till’s black wig – reminiscent of “Mann Gegan Mann”
  • Deathmask busts – as used for the album art of “Made In Germany”

If this track tell us anything, it is to expect the rest of the album to be heavier and more metal than an old school Volkswagen. Pick it up at your favorite record store May 17.

Rodey Tsapralis is a musician and graduate student studying international affairs.  Check out his project Xelacayan, a Mayan-inspired fusion of jazz and metal.

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