AltCtrlToob Video Premiere: BONE CHURCH Sits Down with Charlie Platteborze

Connecticut doom rockers Bone Church sat down at Altones last month with Charlie Platteborze to chat about how the band got started, their relationship with Ripple Music, and more.

Presented by SCENE Productions, it’s quite the enlightening interview. For instance, find out which member of Bone Church may or may not have a family history with the witchcraft hysteria chronicled in their recent album Acid Communion

A livestream concert had been planned for the evening as well, but unfortunately technical difficulties got in the way. Hopefully shows IRL will be returning soon — the Acid Communion album release party at the State House in New Haven has been rescheduled to October 10, and in the meantime SCENE Productions is hosting a run of Sunday outdoor shows at the Horsebrook Cafe in Plainfield. (Contact [email protected] for advance tickets to the Plainfield shows because seating is limited.)

In the meantime… Get your copy of Acid Communion below and wear your freakin’ mask!

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