AltCtrlToob Video Roundup: Eyes of the Dead and Celtic Metal Dude

eyes of the dead celtic metal dude

As “Back to School in the Year of Corona” quickly approaches, I could sure use some levity in my life. Here are two videos I’ve come across that provide it!

First up is the July video “End of Days” from Connecticut death metal stalwarts Eyes of the Dead. Filmed and edited by Bob Marino of Official FN Radio, this horror-loving outfit gets a taste of their own medicine on the way to band practice. Check this out if you’re up for a campy, gorey good time!

Fun Fact: Over ten hours of footage was filmed to make that video, all boiled down to less than ten minutes! It sure is a lot of work to make one of these things….

Next up, we’ve got “High Adventure” from southern California project Celtic Metal Dude. The brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Reece Miller, he’s joined by Francis Roberts (King Gorm, Old Man Wizard) and Madison Lowery for this video. The trio is ironically unironic, sporting warpaint and “Viking” outfits while drinking out of modern beer cans as the occasional headlight passes in the background. Enjoy!

Catch any fun metal videos lately? Leave a comment!

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