EP Review: EndAnd’s Fun Times With Shitty People


You know that friend. The one who you spend a whole night getting wasted with at the bar when you’re supposed to be doing something productive? The one you buy a pack of cigarettes before you go to see, because you know you’ll be smoking? If you’re of the opposite sex, the one that’s allowed to sit a little too close?

I used to have one of those, but he no longer returns my phone calls. I guess he thinks I’m shitty too.

Brooklyn punks EndAnd have put together the perfect soundtrack for your evening with this person, in their September EP Fun Times With Shitty People. Opener “Art #1” comes in kicking and screaming with riffs that would be at home in the chorus of a party-thrash song. “Choked on Beer” chugs along humorously with a more traditional punk sound. “Much and More About Everything” lost me, but that’s okay – perfect time to go smoke a cigarette on your friend’s porch.

Come back inside and crack another High Life for “I Don’t Party,” and “I Used to Eat Shit But Now I Pick It Up” – both high-energy, d-beat-influenced tunes. “Fuck You Congresswoman Bullshit And Your Shit Staff” slows things down a bit with grungy verses and scattershot disenchantment.

You can stream Fun Times With Shitty People on Soundcloud, or visit EndAnd’s site to download. What do you think, Stamford? Should we bring this band to Seaside for some fun and/or shitty times? Maybe that friend will make a surprise appearance and turn it into a real shitshow!

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