Listening Lately: Monday Afternoon Quarantine with Sorcerer, Black Rainbows, and Volcanova

volcanova, sorcerer, black rainbows

Nothing to do these days except drink beer and listen to music in my house, so here goes…

First on deck, we’ve got Sorcerer’s upcoming album Lamenting of the Innocent.  Due out via Metal Blade on May 29th, the classic Swedish outfit tells a tale of medieval witch hunts from a variety of perspectives — from Catholic Church officials tracking down Satan’s supposed collaborators to accused women waiting to be burned at the stake.  No spoilers, but the dramatic story has a “happy” ending.  While the band is categorized as epic doom, fans of Nevermore and Demons and Wizards would also get into this.  NB: the track “Deliverance” features guest appearances from original Candlemass singer Johan Langquist renowned Swedish cellist Svante Henryson.

Next up, things take a bluesier turn with Italy’s Black Rainbows, who have new album coming out on Heavy Psych Sounds on May 22nd.  Cosmic Ritual Supertrip sounds like what you might expect from the title: chunky stoner metal riffage, leaning heavy on that tritone and taking listeners on a space-motorcycle ride through the cosmos.  (Can that be a press quote somewhere, please?)

And now the for the surprise dark horse in the inbox, Volcanova.  This Icelandic trio is releasing their debut album Radical Waves via The Sign Records on August 21st.  They have the drive, polish, and vintage feel I’ve come to expect from The Sign’s roster — plus three-part vocal harmonies that separate them from many in the stoner rock pack.  They are more “desert-y” than thrash, but there are moments when Volcanova reminds me of my favorite band ever, Barn Burner.  Keep an eye on these guys!

What are you listening to in lockdown?  Leave a comment!

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