Music News: THE PULSE-ESCAPE METHOD Releases “Homicide” On Streaming Platforms

Toronto based progressive metal outfit THE PULSE-ESCAPE METHOD have released their debut single “Homicide” on all streaming platforms. Fusing heavy instrumentation with intense electronics, their debut jumps straight into the experimental.

Listen here: 

“The Pulse-Escape Method is pleased to present our efforts with this lead-off single. “Homicide” not only provides insight into each member’s musical resume, but also establishes the direction of new things to come.”

The ensemble began recording back in the fall of 2019 at Iguana Studios (ALEXISONFIRE, BILLY TALENT, SUM41) and soon began embarking on live shows in Canada. Drawing inspiration from the likes of ALEXISONFIRE, TOOL, THE CONTORTIONIST, DEFTONES and POISON THE WELL, THE PULSE-ESCAPE METHOD channel dark tones, electronics and heavy instrumentation with their own twist. The progressive metallers have thrown their all into “Homicide”. It’s a hard-hitting debut that combines ethereal tones with extreme distorted textures. The energy refuses to let up powering through the track, and their use of harsh distortion and overdrive across the instruments results in a solid wall of sound.

THE PULSE-ESCAPE METHOD seamlessly blends a multitude of musical elements, striving for maximum impact. Manifesting a dramatic soundscape by transcending genre boundaries, the outfit have developed a distinctive edge.

Blair Ryan Barton  – Guitar
Brian “Enzo” Young – Guitar
Josh Alexander- Vocals
Luke Scott – Drums

Guest Musician:
Duncan Stan (EARTH’S YELLOW SUN) – Bass


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