Rock Masters Band – “Hit the City/Diamonds” Double Single Review

rock masters band finland

rock masters band finland

It’s a snow day here in Fairfield County, so when I was offered the chance to review another band for I.M.P. I answered with an enthusiastic, “Sure!”

Rock Masters Band is a rock and roll supergroup from Finland formed in 2007. I sat down at the computer, put in my earbuds and had a listen to two of their recently released songs, “Hit the City” and “Diamonds.” I also listened to “Instigator” via YouTube.

Sorry to say it, but this band just doesn’t do it for me. The songs were well-written and didn’t offend my ear in the least, but there wasn’t anything really catchy about them. Nothing was there to draw me further into the song. The melodies and instrumentation were familiar, we’ve been down this rock and roll road many times, and decades ago. After listening to these three songs I can tell you nothing about the artist. There was no signature, no stamp, nothing that stood out and screamed, “This is why I make music!”

Am I asking too much? Maybe. We’ve built an entire industry on the familiar in American music. But, even still, artists leave their fingerprints in our ears. It seems the Rock Masters Band lacks the individuality to make this possible. Their bio states their music is an homage to the greats, and I can hear that. But perhaps they’ve done such a good homage it’s turned into homogeneity.

There’s really nothing to hate in these songs, but there’s nothing to love either. You could play this at a party with a mixed group of music fans and no one would object. They may even go home humming the chorus. But I don’t think anyone will be compelled to learn more about the band. There’s just nothing to get excited about, nothing groundbreaking. And in today’s world of well-worn musical ground, if something doesn’t leave a mark there’s no reason relive the experience. One click and you’re on to the next band.

Take a listen and let us know what you think in the comments.

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