Single Review: The Unravelling’s “Master Drone”

A Canadian musical duo from Calgary known as The Unravelling (yes, two “L’s”) released their new single “Master Drone” online July 8th, 2015. The integration of multi-faceted tones and rhythms keeps your ears piqued throughout the song. Ambient sounds fluctuate, as heavier metal-type guitar riffs play continuously. Clear vocals complete the sound, introducing calm tones then progressing to aggressive highs, but not so aggressive that lyrics blur.

Co-founder Gustavo De Beauville creates stimulating instrumental industrial sounds accompanying heavier, hard-rock/metal flare. The duo has proven their comeback a strong one, after a short interruption of musical collaboration when lyricist and singer Steve Moore was diagnosed with cancer in 2011.

“Master Drone” does not stray far from their previous works, but you can check out all their music at:

You can also listen to a preview mashup of their album ’13 Arcane Hymns’ on YouTube:

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