Track Premiere: “The Simpsons = Real Footage” by MOTHMAN AND THE THUNDERBIRDS

If you need to freshen up your stoner metal playlist, look no further than Mothman and The Thunderbirds new single “The Simpsons = Real Footage.” An unexpected dual-vocal adventure, this song calls listeners to cast off the veil of complacency and think for themselves.

As Alex Parkinson (i.e. the Mothman of this one-man project) puts it, the track “deals with manufactured consent in American news media and political discourse, critiquing the dull evils wrought by crony capitalism.”

The soulful guest vocals of his wife Kirby in the verses, juxtaposed with Alex’s own growled vocals in the choruses, make Mothman’s message pop. The upcoming debut album Into the Hollow, out May 21st, offers more of this distinct yet shifting sound. Described as “a stoner metal album for people who are bored of stoner metal,” no two songs are alike.

So without further ado, have a look and listen to “The Simpsons = Real Footage” with the visualizer below!


  • Alex Parkinson: guitars, bass, vocals, vocoder, programing, mixing, mastering
  • Kirby: lead vocals
  • Artwork: Unexpected Specter (@unexpectedspecter on Instagram)

“The Simpsons = Real Footage” will be available on April 20th. Purchase the track and preorder Into the Hollow here:

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