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cult burial nerd talk

It’s about time we had another Nerd Talk!  Simon Langford of UK death metal outfit Cult Burial shares his nerdy proclivities with Alternative Control today.  His band, which has their debut album (s/t) coming out this November, has been described as “not for the uninitiated.”  So if you’re initiated in the world of OSDM, have a listen and preorder below!

Now without further ado, here are some movies, books, and video games that Simon is into.

Favourite Film

Kill List (2011).  When I first saw this film, I thought it was a work of genius, and still do.  Most other people I know don’t like it at all, and it’s the kind of film that divides opinion, especially as the ending is so open to interpretation.  It’s a hard film to discuss without giving away too many spoilers.  It’s about two hitmen who are former soldiers, who came back from a job in Kiev.  The job in Kiev was harrowing, but we do not discover why.  They are hired to kill three people: a priest, a librarian, and a Minister of Parliament.  At the meeting, the guy hiring them cuts one of their hands.  They find the people they are enlisted to kill, and each of the victims thanks them before being murdered.  If I tell you more than that, it’s going to ruin the movie, but I will say this: they are enlisted by a cult and the end is pretty shocking.  It’s an awesome movie.

Favourite Book

So this is an odd choice, but there’s a hilarious book called Are You Dave Gorman? by Dave Gorman (a British comedian).  It’s the story of a drunken bet over the commonness of the name Dave Gorman, which turns into a 24,000 mile journey and two women legally changing their name to Dave Gorman. He even gets on David Letterman appealing for more Dave Gorman (which is the correct plural).  It’s silly, but laugh out loud funny and totally engrossing.  It’s a nice break from what the world frequently offers up.

Favourite Video Game

I’m not much of a gamer, but I can lose myself for days in Football Manager(Editor’s note: the soccer kind, not the Super Bowl kind.)  It can ruin your life.  One year in the UK it was given as the reason for 35 divorce cases.  You manage your favourite football team (I’m a devout Liverpool fan), and that’s it….  In the time I spent playing this in the past I could probably be fluent in four languages.  Instead I have an encyclopedic knowledge of football players from Europe’s lower leagues. 

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