For Ladies Only: How to Cut Up Your T-Shirt

eyes of the dead shirt

A couple weeks ago, I was the lucky recipient of a free Eyes of the Dead t-shirt.  I was really excited about the shirt’s design and my newfound ability to support the scene through wearing this shirt to concerts — but it didn’t show off enough of my feminine mystique.  And by feminine mystique, I mean “back.”

Not wanting to ruin a perfectly good free shirt, I did what any girl would do: I went to the internet.  With some help from, I was able to transform an awesome shirt into an even more awesome shirt.  Here are the step-by-step instructions from the internet, accompanied by pictures of me following them.


Step One: Cut the collar off.

Step Two: Trim the sleeves on a diagonal.

cut t-shirt

Step Three: Draw several 6-8 inch lines on the back of the shirt.  (Trust me, there are lines there.)

cut t-shirt

Step Four: Cut the shirt in the middle of the back, all the way from top to bottom.

cut t-shirt

Step Five: Cut along the lines you made.

Step: Six: Pull the tassels to stretch and curl them.  (This is important.)

Step Seven: Tie the tassels together and adjust as needed — or have a hot guy help you!

One problem with turning a regular t-shirt into a backless one is that wearing a bra kind of ruins the effect.  Luckily, the decal on the front of this particular EOTD shirt is very thick — meaning that if you have relatively small bosoms like I do, you can go braless without looking like a surprised white trash girlfriend on Cops.

No bra? No problem!

And if you want to be really hip, use the collar and sleeves to make cool headbands for all your friends!

The End.



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