Don’t Try This at Home: Cadbury Screme Egg Dessert


When I heard these Halloween creme eggs existed I knew I’d have to write a recipe for them, I didn’t know they’d forever throw my blood sugar out of whack. I’m shaking as I type and shove sub-par red licorice vines in my mouth. I just ate this bizarre food-stuff that sprang from my brain and I’m left feeling as if I’m going through heroine withdrawals. Last night I finished the last of the Cadbury Screme Egg Chili – a delicious concoction that satisfied my taste buds, cleared my sinuses and sent me across the street to buy Air Heads for the first time in two years.

Watch the video here.

The first idea that came to mind was really just a poor rehash of the Easter creme egg in a biscuit recipe that I did a couple years ago.

But I wanted to be slightly more original this time and it occurred to me that I could wrap it up in a pancake with some bacon and fry it… Well, I did it. And ohh…. I just don’t feel right. It was disgusting and delicious as I ate it, but as time goes on I’m thinking I should drink a few gallons of water or something… Or maybe my heart will just explode from my chest and that’ll relieve the pressure in my being.

Should I even tell you how I did this?


I’ll tell you this part – but the rest I’ll leave up to your sick mind to discover…

Hungarian Pancakes (my Dad’s recipe)

1 cup flour

1 cup milk

1 egg

pinch salt.


Mix all the ingredients together, you may need to add milk to make the batter thinner. Pour batter into a lightly oiled pan and swirl to cover the bottom. As it cooks the batter will turn from a liquid to a solid. Flip as soon as it’s done and then cook for a few seconds on the other side.

Smear with jelly or jam and roll up to enjoy Hungarian style or fill them with bacon and Screme Egg and tie up with a red vine before frying in bacon grease…but don’t. Ugh.