Track Premiere: “I Buried My Teeth,” WILDERNESS HYMNAL

It’s our pleasure to premiere an upcoming track from Wilderness Hymnal“I Buried My Teeth” from his upcoming split album with Duncan Evans (whose name you will recognize from AltCtrl bylines). Until Liars Fear You will be released on November 5th via Trepanation Recordings.

Javier Wallis of Wilderness Hymnal says,

“Demons are elliptical. We gain ground, sometimes watch them drop out of sight in the rear-view mirror… and suddenly find ourselves encircled again by the same teeth. Often, the teeth that haunted our fathers, and their fathers, and theirs…

The song is about reckoning with that pain, and trying to pull it out at the root – the deep wounds inherited from my father and the brutal impact on my adult relationships. I want to let go of the shame and rage. I want to redefine masculinity as having the capacity for nurture, and vulnerability.


About Wilderness Hymnal: –
Born in Gibraltar to British-Venezuelan parents, Javier Wallis is hard to place at the best of times. A singer and multi-instrumentalist, his work as Wilderness Hymnal fuses elements of European folk, drone, post-metal, chamber music and glacial electronics into a seamless psychedelic whole. This restless and irreverent approach to genre finds him most at home in the hinterland of atmospheric heavy music shared by Chelsea Wolfe, Grails and Ulver. He is now based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and his music has received support from tastemakers including Mary Anne Hobbs & Stuart Maconie (BBC Radio), Simon Raymonde (Bella Union) and Uncut Magazine.

Connect with Wilderness Hymnal: –

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