Hi/Jack Streams their new single – “Patient Zero (2020)”

From the PR wire…

For some bands, Rock Music is a means to an end. For Milwaukee based duo Hi/Jack, it represents a higher calling to be ambassadors for good music and good times. From their raw power musically, to their ebullient live performances, a band brought together seemingly by fate is determined to uplift music fans everywhere with their sound! Big big hooks, riffs and beats are their calling cards, honoring those who came before them, but also with a fresh modern perspective.

With the string of releases under their belt, the band will release their new single “Patient Zero” their first new music since 2019’s Rank and Files EP.  The band has seen critical acclaim for years, sharing stages with One Eyed Doll, Kofi Baker, September Mourning, Tantric, Saving Abel. Their new single “Patient Zero” is a new recording of one of their older tracks and is totally killer! There will be a new music video to go along with the track due out in a few weeks.  

The band commented: 

“Much like our Hi/Jack mission from the start in 2014, this video and re-recording was completely DIY and true to form.”

Pre-orders are live at this link and the track will be live tomorrow October 8th, 2021: 


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