Album Review: Brave’s the calm | the storm

brave the calm the storm

brave the calm the storm

Washington DC prog rockers Brave released their sophomore album the calm | the storm on January 8th to positive reviews from, Dead Rhetoric, and now this very blog.  The layered compositions feature active bass, interactive string and keyboard lines, and rich vocals.

Singer and co-founder Michelle Schrotz says of the album, “These songs represent ‘life stories’ and lyrically deal with life, death, love, loss, searching and reflecting through various stages in one’s existence.  There are musical passages on this album that are simplistic at times and other times heavy and powerful, but always remain beautiful and melodic with a uniquely BRAVE quality to them.”

Sometimes the most “simplistic” songs are also the most touching, like in the case of “Bay Song.”  Check it out below:

“Race to the End” was another standout track, with its beautiful vocal harmonies and violin lines.

On an interesting side note, several members also play in the epic doom metal band While Heaven Wept (Nuclear Blast Records).  Also, Brave’s lineup includes a married couple and a pair of siblings.  Let’s hope it’s a happy family!

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