Album Review: Ransom Scenery’s ear to ear

ear to ear album imageTruly.


These are the best words that come to mind when I listen to the compilation of sounds emerging from the talent that is Ransom Scenery. Born of Springfield, Illinois the band’s wide array of musical integration becomes the movement of avant garde music. Their new album ear to ear was released February 25th, 2015 (links for streaming and purchase listed below).

Each song on ear to ear has its own unique tone, rhythm, vocals/sound bites, accompanied by electronic fluidity. With so much going on, so many sounds playing in each song, one would assume Ransom Scenery was more than two individuals. Both immerse themselves in song production, but each contributes with different instruments. Chaepter Negro provides vocals and plays piano, mandolin, as well as the cello. His musical counterpart, Drew Lowery accompanies with drums and percussion.

promo image 2To truly enjoy music one needs to be open-minded. I never thought I’d be much into Avant garde/Indie/Electronic/Experimental type music, but I just changed my mind.

Check out Ransom Scenery on Soundcloud and Facebook.  You can also stream or purchase the album on bandcamp.

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