Album Review: The Goldwyn Experiment’s Avenue B

the goldwyn experiment

the goldwyn experiment

From the first seconds of opening track “Prologue,” it becomes clear that The Goldwyn Experiment’s Avenue B represents a musical metamorphosis for band leader Goldwyn ThandrayenAlternative Control reviewed Psychocide, a party pop band he fronted, in 2017 — and this new project is quite a departure.  Incorporating piano, upright, bass, and even a guest rapper, The Goldwyn Experiment isn’t afraid to experiment.

What is similar to Psychocide is an undeniable, in-spite-of-yourself catchiness.  In one moment, the band has the jumpy world music feel of Gogol Bordello, and in the next someone’s spitting rhymes while jazz-inspired drums trade fours with the rest of the instruments.  But no matter what avenue The Goldwyn Experiment goes down, the music is intriguing and unpredictable.

Avenue B will be released September 7th 2018 via Stash. Find The Goldwyn Experiment online to have a listen:


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