witchcraft, finnr's cane, hollow leg, bone church

It’s been awhile since I sat down and cranked one of these out…  I’ve been doing a lot of PR writing this summer that doesn’t get seen on the blog, and in the process I’ve come across some really interesting underground bands.

If you want to listen to something brooding and cinematic, try Finnr’s Cane.  This atmospheric black metal band hails from Canada and recently put out their third full-length, Elegy.  The moods on this album are unpredictable, ranging from delicate and nostalgic in “Willow” to raging in “Strange Sun.”  Drummer The Peasant (the band’s members use pseudonyms to stay anonymous) said of Elegy, “While the foundation of the music is still rooted in traditional metal, minimalism, and improvisation, with this release we focused more heavily on dynamics and atmosphere. The final product is a musical experience that can set your mind adrift.”   Surely Finnr’s Cane have accomplished what they set out to do with this one.

But if you’re in the mood for something aggressive and sludgy, look up Florida band Hollow Leg.  They have an album called Civilization coming out later this year that’s really good.  In the meantime, there are three full-length albums and a couple of singles on their bandcamp to keep us sated — check out “Murder” below.

I haven’t spent the entire summer writing press releases, though — I did catch a couple great concerts.  At Heavy Montreal in July, I got to see a little bit of Swedish rock n rollers Witchcraft; I’d never listened to them or even heard the name before, but they instantly went on The List.  I’ve been enjoying the 70s-drenched vibe of their 2007 album The Alchemist, and there’s still plenty more in their discography for me to check out.  Apparently they didn’t quite make it Psycho Las Vegas and that was kinda a big deal, so I’m glad I unwittingly got to see them…

The last band I’ll recommend is a lot closer to home than Witchcraft, but I don’t think they’ll stay local for long.  New Haven’s Bone Church wowed the crowd at Strange Brew over Labor Day weekend with their high-energy psychedelic tunes — they call it rock n roll, I’d call it stoner metal.  Their self-titled EP could be the soundtrack for a crossroads occult ritual held at midnight…  And who is Bone Church summoning?  Me, to their next show.  They’re opening for Eyehategod and The Obsessed at the Space Ballroom on September 12th; I had been on the fence about going because it’s on a Wednesday and I just saw Mike IX and crew in Montreal, but Bone Church sealed the deal.  (How much of a hipster do I sound like right now?)  Guess I’ll need to summon an extra cup of coffee Thursday morning…

That’s what I’ve been listening to lately, folks.  What’s in your playlist these days?  Leave a comment!

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