Album Review: The Vigilance Committee’s Exit a Hero

With their new album Exit a Hero, The Vigilance Committee delivers upbeat progressive rock that will have listeners tapping their toes.  Imagine if the Beatles went forward in time to collaborate with Mars Volta: that’s the unique sound that this Long Island quartet brings to the table.

“Set the Pacific on Fire” demonstrates the band’s penchant for motion.  Cheery vocals dance above constantly moving guitar and bass lines, but somehow it all stays together.

However, The Vigilance Committee’s dark lyrics contrast with the happy mood of their music.  Exit a Hero is a concept album about the San Francisco vigilance committees of the 1850s, which were basically groups of citizens who meted out vigilante justice where they saw fit.   Hence, the songs have a politically charged “wild West” atmosphere — like “Villains,” where frontman Peter J. Scoma croons, “Guilty as charged…/ Sunrise reveals what terrible things happen through the night/ Shadow you are right/ This life’s a lie/ Stuff the ballots and don’t talk about it.”

Exit a Hero will be available on April 25 via bandcamp.  Check TVC’s  Facebook page for upcoming shows.  (Fun fact: they recently played in Brooklyn with Stamford’s own Lock City Thieves — so you might actually see this band in real life!)

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