AltCtrlToob: Going Down Under with Halfwait’s “Stand Alone”

halfwait stand alone

This morning’s selection comes all the way from Australia: grunge rockers Halfwait.  For fans of Foo Fighters and Blink 182, their full-length The Official comes out this June and they are now sharing the single “Stand Alone.”  This lyric video shows a different Australia than the one pictured by my American, untravelled imagination; its litter, train tracks, and chain link fences remind me of any urban area in my own backyard.  Wardrobe was similar too.  I guess some things are universal…

Vocal harmonies are a highlight of this song, but the lyrics are not reaching any uncharted territories.  Maybe the band did this on purpose, but I saw some irony in making a video for a song called “Stand Alone” where the guys are all walking around together.  What do you think, AltCtrlers??  Give the video a few spins and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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