AltCtrlToob, The Procrastination Edition: Knifey and Glanville Stayed on the List

knifey glanville

These couple videos have been on my review list for awhile, but they were too good to forget about.

The first video is from Canadian garage rockers Knifey, who chronicled “Serf” off their debut album beached.  This is pure Weezer-worship, from the guitar tone to the harmonies to the self-effacing lyrics — and I love it!  The video is also a lot of fun.  The band says it was “shot on the coldest day in November, on the windiest beach in Toronto, in what was either the most fun, most miserable, or most embarrassing day of our collective lives.”  Check it out and find more of Knifey’s music here!

“Serf” auto-played into “Long Lost Dreams,” which was a cringingly hysterical montage of figure skating fails — worth a watch as well.

Next up we have German classic metallers Glanville, with a completely different approach to music videos in “God is Dead” off their upcoming debut EP First Blood.  These guys go for a “look” (sorry, not sure what the official videography term is) that’s straight outta 80s MTV — just like their tunes are straight outta the days when rock n roll was dangerous.  I’ll let the readers decide for themselves what era that is…   Like Knifey, Glanville isn’t reinventing any genres.  But seriously, I just want to put their CD in my car and drive around the neighborhood with the windows down.  Fat & Holy Records sent the blog a copy, so stay tuned for a review soon.  (Pre-order info here, the EP comes out on May 4th.)  Rock on, dudes!

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