AltCtrlToob Video Roundup, November 2021


Get on the Toob! Here are some cool videos that have come across our path this month…

Connecticut doom heavyweights Afghan Haze released an appropriately psychedelic performance video for the song “Satan Ripper,” filmed at Nük Lab Recording Studio in Griswold, CT:

C Squared Music continued their discussion of the term “female fronted” in a roundtable with Lindsay Schoolcraft (Juno-nominated solo artist, Antiqva, ex-Cradle of Filth), Gaia Guarda (solo artist, Uriel), Rena Hauzinger (Siren’s Rain), and moderated by Holly Royle (Disconnected Souls).

They discuss how and why the label started, and where it’s landed today. What’s the verdict? You’ll have to watch!

Also from the C Squared camp, European progressive metal band Trumbiten has released a playthrough video of their track “Break Out.” I say “European” because half the band is from Sweden and the other half is from Portugal! The wonders of the internet…

Somewhat related, are they trolling American presidents with their band name?

What vids have you found lately? Drop a link in the comments!

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