AltCtrlToob: Saturday Morning Cartoons with Xenosis, Sacred Ash, and Wildstreet


Meant to post this installment of AltCtrlToob like a week ago, but sometimes grown-up things get in the way….

This morning, er, afternoon I’m riding the high of a fun show at one of the only Connecticut indie venues left, #thankfreakinggodforcherrystreet.  It’s the perfect time to make a fresh pot of coffee and pull up some videos.  Some folks in our scene have been using this medium to showcase the best of what they have to offer, so watch these videos before you decide to put out something half-assed — the bar for “local band music vids” has officially been raised.

First up, we have this banger from New Haven tech death heroes Xenosis.  “Nighthag” debuted on Invisible Oranges last week and features live shots of the band interspersed with shots of some bros having a really bad time.  The song is about succubi stealing souls and apparently pulling out nipple rings.  (That’s how they get your soul.)  Check it out!

Next up, we have a new offering from Westchester County power metal outfit Sacred Ash.  These guys have been around for several years, but recently seem to be emerging from some sort of heavy metal cocoon, where they’ve been growing a new lineup and tough guy jackets this whole time.  “Insurrectionist” is exclusively a performance video, set in an abandoned warehouse befitting of the song’s rebellious theme.  The slo-mo shots of the cymbals are pretty sick — also make sure you catch the full minute of shreddy solo wars starting around 3:45.  Plus, hear Sacred Ash’s epic guitars and vocals in real life TONIGHT at Cook’s Cafe in Naugatuck.  (With a certain blog editor’s band… *cough*)

Our final selection is one I came across through the videographer rather than the band.  Anthony Frisketti (you may know his work through Frisketti Photo) shot a video for NYC party rockers Wildstreet, which highlights the band’s live show as well as the fun that goes on backstage.  Frisketti likes to break the fourth wall, appearing in the mirror in one of the opening scenes; the camera is visible throughout, making viewers feel like they are the ones with the photo pass.  Is there a certain cheese factor in this music?  Yes, but it’s intentional and you know you’d be throwing the horns up after two drinks.

Seen any cool music videos lately?  Does your band have a video to share with the world?  Message the link to our Facebook page and it could be featured on AltCtrlToob!

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