AltCtrlToob Video Premiere: I Am The Law’s “Dance Of the Southern Witch”

i am the law

Raucous Tennessee groove metallers I Am The Law are proud to present “Dance of the Southern Witch” off their upcoming and yet-to-be-titled EP.  Check it out!

About I Am The Law: 

“You know what? F@$% it! We’ll just do it ourselves.”  That’s the attitude I Am The Law takes with its approach to its own brand of Southern Metal. Embodying the self-reliant spirit of the American South, these four rowdy boys from Nashville groove and shred.  Drawing from influences such as Pantera, Lamb Of God, Rob Zombie, The Showdown, He is Legend, and Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, the band created a distinct, aggressive sound with 2015’s EP Blackwater Gospel.  With sophomore offering Hymn Of the Vulture (originally put out in 2017 and re-released fall 2018), I Am The Law refined its voice and sound, becoming more mature and even more aggressive with each track.

The band has been nominated for the 2016/17 and now 2018 NIMA Awards for Best Hard Rock/Metal Band. They have also opened up for more well known and established acts such as Superjoint, Crowbar, Doyle, The Obsessed, Battle Cross, Enterprise Earth, Child Bite, and Mobile Deathcamp.

More is to come from I Am The Law so keep your eyes peeled!  Find their music here:

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