AltCtrlToob Video Premiere: THE SWAGGERLIES, “Pretty Good at Being Bad”

There comes a time in every young punk’s life that they become… An old punk.

Having entered that phase of my life, I’m happy to share the new and hilarious video from fellow old punks The Swaggerlies, for the song “Pretty Good at Being Bad.” As the Seattle band puts it, “This is a song about getting the most amount of fun out of your bad decisions.”

“Pretty Good at Being Bad” is off The Swaggerlies’ upcoming album The Last of the One and Onlys, to be self-released December 3rd. Give this a spin and you’ll instantly be transported to a local hall show, slam dancing the night away.

(Never heard of slam dancing? You’re not old enough.)

Preorder The Last of the One and Onlys here:

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