AltCtrlToob Video Review: “Attention!” by Apache Rose

apache rose

When I read the moniker “Apache Rose,” I imagined a female singer-songwriter from the American Southwest, not a bunch of guys from Russia.  But irony is what Apache Rose is all about, at least in their recent single “Attention!”.  The song itself came out in October, and the band released a lyric video for it last month.  Check it out below:

The best and worst thing about lyric videos is that it forces the audience to focus on…. The lyrics.  This is a double-edged sword for Apache Rose; their lines are sometimes trite, but other times amusing.  Band founder Ilya Novokhatskiy said, “The song is an ironic first person account of a fledgling rockstar wanting it really bad to make it.  But it’s not a mean parody — it’s more of a stylized and self-deprecating description of how a indie band from Russia really wants break out.”

Apache Rose certainly achieves that self-deprecating feel.  Plus, this is one of the better-produced lyric videos I’ve seen in awhile.  Someone put a lot of thought into the newsprint setup, the band photos, and the animations; the emojis and art that appear in the bridge bolster the song’s ironic vibe.

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