AltCtrlToob: We’re All Going to Hell with “Predators” from We Are The Catalyst

we are the catalyst

we are the catalyst

This morning on AltCtrlToob, we have an offering from Swedish hard rock/metal group We Are The Catalyst: “Predators,” an ominous song about overvaluing fame and popularity.  Says the band,

With this song we wanted to go darker and heavier than we have before, adding an uncomfortable air to our sound. “Predators” is a song about decadence, striving for fame just for fame, climbing to the top over bodies, and also about having blind faith in various forms, be it religion or idolizing actors, musicians etc. From the lyrics – “Your love embrace/Our empty faith/A simple phrase/ And you will praise,” criticizing how easy people follow others that they believe have all the answers without questioning, and how they are almost making gods out of famous people for no reason other than them being famous.

The video alternates between the band’s performance and a hip couple going to a tattoo shop with their baby…  Too bad the video’s cover picture spoils the ending, but it’s still disturbing to watch.  On an unrelated note, vocalist Cat Fey is wearing an awesome headdress.

Fans of Evanescence, Lacuna Coil, Within Temptation, Amaranthe, and Nightwish will enjoy We Are The Catalyst.  Connect with the band at the following links:

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