AntiMozdeBeast Shares “AntiMozdeBeast II” Full Album Stream and Track By Track Breakdown

Experimental Industrial Noise artist and enigmatic musical force AntiMozdeBeast releases their brand new album, AntiMozdeBeast  II, tomorrow on October 16th, 2020. The fourth release of 2020 for the  visionary musician Gabriel Palacio, II highlights more uptempo influences such as   Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Skinny Puppy, and Author & Punisher.

Stream the full album below from Bandcamp, pre-order the album, and read Gabriel’s track by track breakdown of the album as you listen!

Track-by-Track Breakdown from Gabriel/AntiMozdeBeast:

The opening track “Rebirth of Sin” speaks fluently with what I believe to be personal experience about the relationship with the natural world and the supernatural realm. Musically I tried to grasp a permanent feeling of a wandering spirit trying desperately to hold on to specific experiences of a soulful awakening. Lyrically the album speaks of the detrimental endeavor of searching for more within the limited time of life.

“The Sky Unfurled” was an attempt at the interpretation of the intricacies of the societal consciousness of society. Speaking clearly about the attempts an individual takes to find a personal freedom within the constraints of societal thought. Musically I wanted to create a sense of evolution within the aforementioned. 

“Deafening Night” incorporates a strenuous yet accomplished sense of sentiment of awakening to understand the condition of Individual freedom, not just from society, religion, and detention but an awakening of a personal spiritual manifestation of life.

“Maladies of The Mad” is an attempt to fashion the age-old question of love and the susceptibilities of such said inhibitions. A personal favorite quote (which can be found on The Crossroads EP) “Love has been said to have conquered all, what puzzle is this before us?

This masquerade of dead, dancing upon the hearts of mankind, each towards the illumination of what life offers, in this sentimental anagram, we silently slumber, warming each other at day, and piercing ourselves at night.” This track is not only an execution of the romanticisms of love and relationships but the personal grievances one feels when bestowed with such an endeavor.

“The Empire Decays” is a track that tries to enlighten and inspire the individual to choose their path wisely and not waste any time being susceptible to the cruel nature of this world. With the individual being the primary focus of the track, I try to manifest a new position and perspective of revelation and innovative form of thought. 

“Hapless History” is the other world or supernatural realm communicating with the listener. Describing what contradictions and flaws one incorporates if not attempting to understand the world we cannot see.  It is a view into that existence and decryption of the necessary phases needed to understand.

“Anagram of Repentance” is a description of a psychological state: one that suffers from insanity yet also is provoked to a certain brilliance that not many find, especially when under such mental constraints. It is a galvanized inhibition of senses as well as a revelation of spiritual actuality.

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