Christopher Steve Shares New Single “Denial or Delight” — New Solo Album Out This Week!

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Indiana-based singer-songwriter Christopher Steve  (Lavaborne) will release his debut full-length solo album   Taken By The Tide, for February 26th, 2021. You can check out the new single from the album — “Denial or Delight” — exclusively at Alternative Control.  The track features Latta’s haunted vocals and deft sense for doomy melodies. The album is available for pre-order now at Bandcamp! 

Chris comments:

Of all the songs that I recorded for the album, ‘Denial or Delight ‘might’ve been the trickiest one to put together. I had a chord progression that I liked from the get-go but spent a lot of time trying to figure out the best tempo and structure for it. At first I thought about making it a super dirge slowcore type song and even toyed around with the idea of giving it a more mid-tempo country flavor. Thankfully the pacing I went with gives the song some extra dynamics and having Jessie contribute cello parts really helped flesh it out! Lyrically, the song is a reflection on personal relationships and the self sabotage that can affect how they end. You can accept when things go south but will you do so with sadness or pleasure?

Taken By The Tide tracklisting:

1) Sacred Catharsis

2) Foot On The Gas

3) Denial Or Delight

4) Taken By The Tide

5) I Am A Clinic Escort

6) American Ruins

7) I Medicate

8) Break For You

9) My Next Meal

10) Eternity


  • Chris Latta – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, and Percussion on all tracks
  • David Gabe – Guitar solo on Sacred Catharsis
  • Jessie May – Cello on Denial Or Delight and Taken By The Tide
  • Brandon Signorino – Mandolin on I Am A Clinic Escort, first guitar solo on Eternity
  • Patrick Phillips – Electric Guitar and Synth on American Ruins
  • Freddie Rodriguez – Keyboard on Break For You
  • Max Barber – Second guitar solo on Eternity

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