EP Review: NYDTyson’s If You’re So Smart, Why Are You So Sad?

The debut EP from garage rock duo NYDTyson is irreverent at times and relaxed at others.  If You’re So Smart, Why Are You So Sad? experiments with meter, dynamics, and effects to create a paradox befitting of the album title.  My favorite track was “Who Cares?,” a slow number with some nice bass grooves that kick in towards the end.

One of the band’s running jokes is that they worship an egg, as you can see from the bandcamp thumbnail.  “Egg,” the EP’s opening track, is perhaps the most unusual; sparse beats build up and then give way to static, sound effects, and wacky percussion.

“Neanderthal” and “What Did You Say?” were heavier-hitting than the other tunes, with closer “I Think We Both Know” bringing back the chill vibe.  NYDTyson is currently located in Los Angeles.  For more from these guys, find them on Facebook and the web.

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