Guerrilla Ghost Releases New Single

Remember Guerrilla Ghost?? Alternative Control premiered the Milwaukee hip-hop duo’s single “Daughters” back in 2018, off their debut album Perpetually Sad Motion Machine.

Now the guys will be unleashing their sophomore album this summer. Check out all the details — and their new single! — below.

From the PR Wire….

“Wesley Snipes in Demolition Man” finds Guerrilla Ghost expanding their sonic palette once again, with producer Tron Jovi crafting a rich and texturally dense backdrop, sounding like Pi’erre Bourne were producing for Godflesh or Trent Reznor producing for Playboi Carti.  This unique cocktail of sounds allows room for growth on the vocal side, and Bad Graphics Ghost delivers a vocal performance that illustrates his development as an emcee, showcasing one of the group’s most memorable hooks yet.  He  plays with meter and form in a way that only comes from continually developing one’s craft,  lyrically touching on everything from his upbringing to his current struggles, both personally and otherwise. All of the ingredients are melded together to create an ocean bed of sound and texture with an incredible amount of depth, with elements bouncing around the stereo image throughout the track.

“Wesley Snipes in Demolition Man” is the first single from the band’s sophomore effort, We Get What We Deserve. The album will see a digital and limited CD release on July 31st. 

Connect with Guerrilla Ghost:

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