Interview: Norwalk’s RabbitHouse Records

RabbitHouse Records

New to the scene with ambitious plans for the future, Norwalk, Connecticut’s RabbitHouse Records seeks to “create one cohesive collective of artists” within their local community.  Last week, Alternative Control sat down at Seaside Tavern in Stamford with staffers Chris Yerinides, John Ospina, and Megan Napoletano to talk about about what the young label is up to.

“John and I have had a dream of having a recording studio since high school,” said Yerinides, “and it’s blossomed into what we’re doing now. Officially (RabbitHouse) has been around since January, but it’s been something that we’ve wanted to do for years.”

With DIY-or-die being almost a necessity for local bands, what is the role of a local record label?  As Yerinides put it in so many words, RabbitHouse does the PR and makes connections.  “We send a lot of boring emails — to coordinate a college radio campaign from Vermont to Texas isn’t the most fun thing to be doing.  But again, we’re more about uniting a community, so we pride ourselves on getting all different types of artists together.  If you have a band that’s like, ‘Hey, we’re putting out this record and maybe we know how to promote it, but we don’t know where to get t-shirts,’ we know how you can get t-shirts printed or we can direct you to a cool artist to get album art.  Rather than saying that we […] are this entity that everyone needs to turn to, we’re more concerned with creating that community that exists even beyond us.”

Yerinides, Ospina, and Napoletano went on to talk about the bands they work with (promising) and the music scene in Fairfield County (a mixed bag, but they’re optimistic).  Listen here for the full interview:

The next RabbitHouse event is Tyrone Shoelaces’ album release party, Saturday May 21st at Seaside Tavern, also featuring Shoot the Radio, Linus, and Breathe Easy.  Come down and see what RabbitHouse is all about!

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