Jeramie Kling and Taylor Nordberg Announce Departure from Massacre

jeramie kling taylor nordberg
Kling (left), a pooch, and Nordberg ham it up for Smoke and Mirrors.

Florida death metal outfit Massacre will be undergoing more lineup changes following the departure of guitarist Taylor Nordberg and drummer Jeramie Kling.  A glance at Massacre’s Wikipedia lineup section shows long list of past musicians, with Kling and Nordberg being part of the band for just a year.

An abbreviated version of their Facebook statement is below:

“It is with both regret and relief that we announce our departure from Massacre.  […] It has been a year of severe ups and downs and unfortunately it has become a working environment we cannot be a part of any longer.  […]  We wrote and presented 14 songs for the band’s new album, provided our contacts in the industry which we have naturally/organically procured through our years of touring, […] but we have no choice but to bow out of this unhealthy relationship.  We apologize to our fans and the Massacre fans that they will not get to hear the new album we wrote for the band…  At least not as a Massacre album.  We cherish our time spent with (bassist) Michael Borders and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.”

Massacre shared a post Michael Borders made in response,

“Not here to explain what happens, but let you know we’ve promised you new Massacre music, and it’s still coming , and soon. Not going to let you down.”

So I guess we’ll see!

Regardless of what’s going on with Massacre, I look forward to hearing what the Kling/Nordberg songwriting team has cooked up.  During their quarantine recording project Smoke and Mirrors, they released twelve singles in all different metal styles — like a spoof, but serious!  Churning out that much quality material in a short amount of time (plus with all sorts of guest musicians, including Matt Harvey of Exhumed) takes skill and work ethic that will serve them well in The Absence and any other projects.

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