Listening Lately: Brimstone Coven, Khemmis, and Slow Draw

I belong to a dying breed of music listeners that still burns CDs and plays them in the car.  Here’s what’s been in rotation this past week:

Brimstone Coven’s new album The Woes of A Mortal Earth is due out August 21st through Ripple Music.  A spin of the promo on the ride to Grandma’s house revealed brooding grooves, metaphysical themes, a web of bass and guitar melodies, and of course Brimstone Coven’s trademark vocal harmonies.  If Valkyrie ate a couple edibles and decided to sing a lot more, or if Lynyrd Skynyrd got into witchcraft, The Woes of A Mortal Earth is what it might sound like.  (That’s a compliment.)  My favorite tracks were “The Darker Half” and “Secrets of the Earth,” which both kick the click up a couple notches; plus, “Secrets” opens with a deliciously rumbling bass solo.  Ripple enthusiasts and classic rock lovers, check out this album!

PS: You should also check out Tom Pizzola’s 2019 interview with the band here.

Next on my burned disc was the new Khemmis single, More Songs About Death Vol. 1.  It was a given that I was going to buy this, and the guys did not disappoint.  I know The Misfits are having a bad week on the Internet right now, but the cover of “Skulls” is awesome.  Khemmis’ interpretation transforms the original while paying homage to a band that has doubtlessly influenced many heavy musicians.  The B side is an new acoustic rendering of “A Conversation with Death,” their take on the Appalachian folk song “O Death.”  They’ve released this song twice before: a full band version on a 2017 split with Spirit Adrift, and a live rendition from Doomed Heavy Metal earlier this year.  But hey, I’ll enjoy every flavor!

Finally, one-man experimental outfit Slow Draw is serving up the perfect soundtrack to a slow ride with the new album Gallo.  It’s best listened to as a whole, with moments of ambient noise dissolving into delicate guitar and synth soundscapes.  One half of Stone Machine Electric, Mark Kitchens is the man behind the curtain with this project.  I got to see him give a livestream performance recently; he’s serious about taking his listeners to another mental plane.  If you’re ready to kick back, give Gallo a spin.

What have you been listening to lately? Leave a comment!

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