“New” Music for the New Year — Jessie’s Picks


It’s a bit incongruous with most of the bands I end up in, but I love folk music. Here are some locals I recommend:

  • The String Fingers Band

    The String Fingers Band — This Easton folk outfit just released their second album, Don’t Forget.  Voted “Best Bluegrass Band” by Fairfield County Weekly readers for the past two years, they’re known for their beautiful vocal harmonies and fresh take on “old-fashioned” musical styles.  The next String Fingers gig is in Vermont on 1/20, but they’ll be back in Easton on 3/18 ,at the Jesse Lee Church opening for country songwriter Darrell Scott.

  • Durge — I discovered this enigmatic solo artist on Chowda House’s 2011 Drinking Songs compilation, and have been searching for him on the internet ever since.  So far I’ve found a Myspace page with pictures taken at Monkey Bar (yep, Monkey Bar) and a more recent SoundCloud account with songs in a variety of genres.  I like Durge’s country songs the best; my favorites are “Just an Old Cowboy” (featured on Drinking Songs), “Liquor and Pictures,” and “Empty Chair.”  If this guy ever plays a show — and I find out about it somehow, perhaps through signal fire or carrier pigeon — I’ll be there.

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