“New” Music for the New Year — Vanessa’s Picks


My first pick is usually to stay home! It is a rare event (and it takes a monumental effort) for us to get out of the house past 9PM. This is why we love the afternoon Pink Missile shows at JB’s Biker Bar. But, in the spirit of the article, I will pretend to know what I’m talking about, somewhat.

Jump the Gunn at Lucky Break Cafe in Stamford.

Jump the Gunn – a local country cover band. I do dig me some country music. (That, along with my early bedtime, is a sure sign of my age.) Funny story, I got a friend request from someone in the band. They asked me if I was still playing, which narrowed down the search for the era in my history to when I played an instrument (I still own the instrument, I just can’t say I play it anymore.) But I really had no idea who the person was. I e-mailed a few friends and with their help, and the power of deductive reasoning, I realized I’d been in a band with him 20 years ago for about a minute. Tangent was the name of the band, because we’d start talking about one thing and end up talking about another.

The Police Files Band – a Police cover band, obviously, but I’m talking exactly like the original. My friend Mike Marble is the drummer, he’s insanely talented to say the least. I talked with him when he was just starting with the band and he was so psyched about the challenge of playing this music note for note, beat for beat – it really said something about his dedication to the music. This is definitely something to catch; a tribute to musicianship, songwriting and nailing it.

And while I’m at it, I’d love to be in a vanity band. We’ll call it Vanity, I’ll sing and we’ll open for Pink Missile in the afternoons. Contact me if you’re interested. And you have a place to practice. And you play an instrument, not just own one.