Single Review – Heele, “A New Friend”

Imagine if you will, a world where a guy by the name of Devin Townsend knocks on a studio door. He stands outside for a bit, not really in a rush, but itching to get to work. After a few moments, the door is opened by another guy named Trent Reznor. They smile, shake hands, and then go inside to begin crafting something amazing.

And then you wake up. 

While we might never see a collaboration like that, an underground sensation right here in Connecticut gives us an idea of what happens when you grow up with these and similar artists that pushed the limits of genre possibilities. From the mind of New Haven based multi-instrumentalist Michael Henss comes “A New Friend”, the brand new single from his project Heele

Skillfully crafted with synth textures and grooving drums, “A New Friend” welcomes you into a spacey, proggy dream. The heavy programming and otherworldly vibes tip a hat at alternative legends Massive Attack and Bjork while the vocals fall somewhere between the aforementioned Devin Townsend and Between the Buried and Me vocalist Tommy Rogers. The latter is especially applicable from some of Rogers’ solo work. 

What I appreciate the most about Heele is Henss’ ability to channel his influences in a way that is both original and listenable. Blending experimental industrial music with equally abstract progressive tones is certainly not the easiest task. Yet, Heele has so far been able to provide unique music that can be enjoyed while at work, on a train ride, or wandering around town. 

As the latest material since Pathos, the 2019 debut EP, “A New Friend” is only the first of several singles scheduled for release in 2021 with a second EP on the horizon later this year.  

Check out “A New Friend” and the Pathos EP on BandCamp at and please consider purchasing both to support this incredible artist. 

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