Track Premiere: “Circling the Belt of Orion” (Alattia Remix) by ALPHA BOÖTIS

You’ve heard of Alien Ant Farm… But have you heard of Alpha Boötis? Following the release of their EP Stowaway Ants in December 2020, which tells the story of ants who snuck onto a space mission, this synthwave project continues their interstellar journey with the upcoming album Jump to Alpha Boötis.

Alternative Control is excited to premiere a new single from this album, “Circling the Belt of Orion.” The band shares some inspiration on the track below:

From the stars falls an acorn, from which blooms the Tree of Time. Only the Fatherless can untangle the golden threads of the tapestry. The shadow of a comet leaves no trace upon the primeval Sun. Forty-two times its echo will be heard. Forty-two ripples before the wave breaks. Forty-two dreams before awakening. The branches reach for the blinding light of infinity; the roots dig their own grave. The Children of the Sun will feast on their cradle. Nothing escapes the beginning.

What is the deal of that fortune-teller? Why did Harakoa suddenly discover himself a passion for growing bonzai? Does this have anything at all to do with the mission?

Find out in Alpha Boötis’ special collaborative episode: “Circling the Belt of Orion.”

Alpha Boötis mastermind Ozymandias comments,

“In 2020, Frak, co-founder of Alpha Boötis, asked me to join him in his latest project, Alattia, a fusion of folklore, science-fiction and ancient music. That’s when the idea to re-imagine an Alpha Boötis through the lense of folk was born.  Fusing synthesized, sampled and acoustic sounds was a very creatively stimulating process, and I think it gives this new version of Circling a really fresh sound.

It’s a bit funny to call this a collaboration between two projects, as it amounts to the same people working on the song after all is said and done, but it shows how much our musical output can vary when we allow ourselves to draw on different parts of our imagination. ”

Without further ado, have a listen to the track!

“Circling the Belt of Orion” artwork by @selgowiros_caranticnos.

Jump to Alpha Boötis is available for preorder on bandcamp now:

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