Music News: LUDOVICO TECHNIQUE Releases “Poisoned”

From the PR wire:

“Poisoned” is the fifth single released from Ludovico Technique’s forthcoming full-length album Haunted People. The project fuses gothic aesthetics with their music combining metal and industrial aspects with goth. Delving into intense and deeply personal themes, their music explores the human condition, personal self-expression, and dealing with mental health issues.

Ben V comments: “This is a song for everyone who has slowly been Poisoned by what existence has become over this past year.”

Mastered by Grammy nominee Stuart Hawkes, “Poisoned” delivers a catchy, high energy sound with an eerie, dark twist. Upbeat percussive rhythms and distorted instrumentation create a dynamic backdrop for the seductive vocals. The haunting lyrics, “Everyday I’m poisoned by the lies I tell myself,” follow the compelling melody line enhancing the contradiction of their sound.

Ludovico Technique delivers a unique take on gothic music. Having drawn inspiration from goth industrial bands such as Skinny Puppy, with glimpses of Type O Negative and Rob Zombie, they have cultivated a distinctive sound. 

From the ethereal aesthetics through to their reverence of the gothic genres, Ludovico Technique unveils an eerie beauty through their art. Whether exploring the most barbaric aspects of the human condition or unleashing intense creativity in their music, this is a release not to be missed those whose tastes are darkly inclined.

Ludovico Technique has plans to tour in 2022.



“Poisoned” Production Credits:
All words and music by Ben V
Mixed by Austin Hull
Mastered by Stewart Hawkes

Released via: Metropolis Records/Antipathy

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