Track Premiere: “Two Trog Yomp” by TOMMY STEWART’S DYERWULF

We’re surely Tommy Stewart and Black Doomba fans over at Alternative Control, so the blog is excited to premiere a second track from the upcoming Tommy Stewart’s Dyerwulf album Doomsday Deferred: “Two Trog Yomp.”

This one’s a little more proggy than the first one we shared, “Shadow in the Well.” It’s worthwhile to note that there are no guitars anywhere on this album — all the melodic tones you hear are layers of bass! Tommy commented,

“Even the lead bass is a bass, using an octave divider to achieve the high pitch. We do that live too, using lots of delays and loopers. I performed the rhythm and lead section on this song live in the recording using a looper and octave divider.”

He says of this creatively titled song,

“‘Two Trog Yomp’ is about how some of us, including myself, have fragmented thoughts and distractions while dealing with how time is unrelenting in it’s forward march. The song has a persistent stomp beat while disregarding what thought is in the lyric before it can be resolved just like time itself and sometimes our lives. I feel that being overwhelmed while time continues is a relatable subject for many people. “

Without further ado, enjoy a romp through “Two Trog Yomp”:

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