Track Review: “Revolt” by The Unravelling

The Unravelling is from Calgary, Canada and lead vocalist Steve Moore was diagnosed with cancer in 2011. That’s enough to unravel anyone, but Moore recovered and together with his collaborator, project founder and instrumentalist Gustavo De Beauville, they have bounced back with a renewed energy that inspires.

Woo! This song starts off with a punch. Perfectly enunciated lyrics that hit the point home and haunt you; “Ancient despair now modern, we dream that we’ve forgotten” and “Poised for endless future with the baby inside, acid milk conjurer.” Overflowing with emotion and a sense of purpose, “Revolt” demands every moment of your attention. Musically very familiar ground, progressive metal should maybe progress every once in a while. But nailing anything down to genre is sometimes silliness. The music underscores the lyrics perfectly, driving every angst filled moment towards the next, building the tension, increasing the stakes until the song peaks and quickly ends. Like sex. Angry, progressive sex. Take a listen. The Unravelling is coming together.

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