So, why write a wrestling column?

Basically, I’m a fan of this pre-determined semi-sport. I grew up in the Wrestlemania era and remember going to see various shows at the Civic Center, or watching the events on closed circuit television in some theater or arena way before PPV came about. Granted, I lost interest in it for a while, but came back during the Attitude Era.

There is just something about it that entertains me. I willingly suspend disbelief and get caught up in a match. I know if I think about it rationally, it doesn’t work, but there is something about it that makes it more watch-able than other forms of episodic television.

But with becoming a fan, it made me seek out alternatives to the WWE and I’ve found them in other divisions over the years such as ECW, TNA and right now, I’m totally crazy for Lucha Underground. When writing a wrestling column, you have to be conscious of the WWE. Basically, they’re the elephant in the room, but that doesn’t mean you can’t like other federations.

This column will basically be my not so humble opinions about this “soap opera for men”. I don’t pretend to be the most inside guy on the planet. I just watch the shows, read a few internet columns and base my opinions on what I like and don’t like. Granted sometimes what I like, isn’t what gets booked, especially in the WWE. But, there are other wrestling programs and federations out there.

Road To Wrestlemania

On Sunday, the Super Bowl of Pro-Wrestling will take place, in that its the 31st edition of Wrestlemania. I honestly can say I am not excited about this year’s card. And that’s the thing, usually the WWE gets its act together for the big show, but this year, I’ve just had a kind of “meh” reaction to the matches they’ve booked.

It starts at the top with main event of Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE Title. Let me state, I’m not a Brock Lesnar fan, not necessarily for his in-ring ability, but more for the fact, that he’s a part-timer getting full time money to be the champion. Actually, the money part doesn’t bother me, Brock’s got to get paid. It’s just the fact that the WWE champion should be the face of the company, and make a ton of appearances for them. The champion is its face. Lesnar’s contract allows him to skip PPV’s and not make many television appearances. I can see why some performers who are out there doing it night in and night out get resentful of someone who gets rewarded for not even being there, when he should be. It would be one thing, if he was the Undertaker, and make one grand appearance at the big show, but they put the title on him, that means he has to be in the public spotlight. That is part of it. You know, a lot of people boo John Cena, but at least he was willing to be that “guy”. Not Brock. And with him signing a new contract this week, look for more of his part-time champion routine.

In addition his opponent, Roman Reigns isn’t ready for the main event. Honestly, I always thought he was the least talented guy in the Shield behind Rollins and Ambrose, but Vince likes them big and overly muscular. (Have you seen Vince these days?) He is also The Rock’s cousin, so there. Like a lot of people in WWE, I don’t think he sucks, it’s just there are other people who are better. But that’s me making a judgment based on actual in-ring ability. How ignorant I am.

I expect a boring match, where Lesnar wins. I’m hoping Seth Rollins cashes in his Money In The Bank briefcase on the spent champ, hits his finisher and steals the belt, like any great heel. But I don’t book it and I don’t think this will happen.

Since this column is running long, let me briefly mention that the Sting vs. HHH match is happening ten years too late. I love in the buildup how they say Sting has been doing nothing since WCW went out of business in 2001. Well, he was in TNA for a while, but we know Vince doesn’t like to acknowledge other wrestling organizations, so that’s why they are saying this. It’s when real life informs the storyline. I don’t doubt Triple H has some good matches in him, but Sting might not. His last few matches in TNA weren’t exactly barn burners. Time can be a cruel mistress to a pro-wrestler.

Look at the Undertaker. They had Lesnar break his undefeated streak at last year’s Wrestlemania, which surprised a lot of people. After all, the Taker wrestled some of the greats during his streak and none of them were booked to break the streak. Also, the match wasn’t very good.

This year, the ‘Taker is taking on Bray Wyatt, who is one of my favorite heels working right now. They are having Wyatt carry the build up with his awesome mic work, keeping the Undertaker off television so his appearance on Sunday will be something special. I heard they are bringing in consultants to make both competitors entrances something that people will talk about. I don’t doubt this. But I don’t know how this match will run. If the Taker puts over Wyatt, it will establish Wyatt as one of the top heels in the company, but there is no way they would have him lose twice in a row. (A friend of mine has another scenario, where Wyatt loses, but still looks strong. I don’t know.)

Well, at least the Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship should be pretty good. I mean that has Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose and Luke Harper. I know there are other matches on the card, but this column is going way over the limit.

In Conclusion

Hope you enjoyed this first column. And that Jessie didn’t mind editing something this long. Actually, the next column will talk about my favorite federation right now, which is Lucha Underground. Originally, I was going to touch on this, along with Wrestlemania, but in order to do all these subjects justice, I’m breaking it up into two columns.

And remember it’s not “fake,” it’s “pre-determined.”