Track Review: Artur U & The New City Limits’ “On a Holiday” and “Monkey House”

After listening to a couple tracks off their debut album Holiday From EternityArtur U & The New City Limits was not our cup of tea.  “On a Holiday” starts off with a bang, but quickly fizzles. I’m not even sure the first words are in English. The vocals are both male and female, paired up in unison. They mix nicely, although I’d vote for some clearer enunciation. The male voice has a funny tone to it, not funny ha-ha but the “something’s off” kind of funny. Not off key, but not an authentic sound.

The music itself is nice; multi-layered, well-produced and full. I can’t say I found it particularly catchy, but the lack of understanding the lyrics may have had something to do with that. I just didn’t know what the song was about, and there weren’t any musical clues to let me in on it.

The video was no help, either. And the video for “Monkey House,” while it was a charming piece of animation from the mid-point on, also failed to let me in on the point of the song. The beginning of the video was all dots and patterns, it wasn’t until the animation moved onto the animal kingdom that I found it interesting.

And here I am, minutes after watching the videos and I can’t sing a note.

Oh dear, I’m sorry.

Take a listen. There’s always a chance it’s me.

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