Album Review: Mære by Harakiri For The Sky

Editor’s Note: This album’s release date has been moved to February 19th, 2021 — exactly three years to the day since the band’s last album Arson was released. The black metal scene has a reputation for being purist and conservative. Over the last decade or so, however, more bands have begun to emerge who have fused elements… Continue reading Album Review: Mære by Harakiri For The Sky

Listening Lately: Snowpocalypse 2018

Two snow days in a row?  Perfect time to go through the ol’ inbox and find some new tunes.  These two bands are completely unrelated musically, but both happened to have some eye-catching videos.  Enjoy! The Bad Larrys The Bad Larrys – Deep Space Radio from The Bad Larrys on Vimeo. This Philadelphia surf band… Continue reading Listening Lately: Snowpocalypse 2018