Intercourse With Interview…. Hey, Wait A Sec!

Intercourse performing at Cook's Cafe -- photo by Drea Marie.

  Right now in many underground music scenes across the country, loud, noisy rock is making a comeback. Bands are re-discovering the joys of being aggressive and weird. Intercourse, from New Haven, are one such band keeping this flame alive in the Elm City. The band, which features Tarek Emad Ahmed on vocals, Kevin King… Continue reading Intercourse With Interview…. Hey, Wait A Sec!


Intercourse, the band. (Photo borrowed from Facebook.)

  According to the editor of this blog, I listen to some pretty weird music. While I guess calling something “weird” is just a matter of perspective, I do admit I sometimes listen and champion music that plays a little too much in the boundaries of several established scenes. I like it there, though it’s… Continue reading NOISE ANNOYS AND THRILLS