What is a “botis”?  Perhaps an ancient Sumerian god, or some kind of beetle?  A metal band from Philadelphia?  If you picked the third option, you are correct!  Check out what these heavy hitters had to say about their favorite nerdy media:


total recall“Favorite movie of all time, go!”

Erik: Total Recall (1990) Scifi without the boring shit.  Aliens, exploding heads, robot cars, mind control, Mars, tits, guns, and gore.

Graham: Hereditary (2018) is my favorite recent movie. Hail Paimon!

Greg: Legend of the Drunken Master (1994) has it all — action, drama, comedy, history sorta, an axe gang, and Jackie Chan actually getting burned on hot coals.

Peter:  LOTR trilogy (I know I’m cheating). I’m pretty sure they’re just objectively the best fantasy movies ever created.


return of the king“Favorite book!”

Erik: In the Face of Death by Peter Noll.  A man with terminal cancer foregoes treatment and writes a book about his experience leading up to his death, creating a treasure trove of insight and philosophy.

Graham: House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski is one of the few books that I’ve read multiple times. It’s a crazy feat of immersive experimental fiction. My favorite synopsis that I’ve heard is “a book about a book about a film about a house.”

Greg: NFPA – National Electric Code, 2017 edition. I can’t put the darn thing down.

Peter:  Return of the King by Tolkien.  My tastes are super diverse, you see.


“All right, what is or was your favorite game of all time?”

Guitar Here IIIErik: Deus Ex (2000).  This game had everything. Futuristic locations and plot points, hacking, cyborgs, mechs, body augmentations, stealth, action, and RPG elements all rolled into a perfect package.

Graham: I played Guitar Hero III for hours on when I was a lad.

Greg: Last of Us, crazy story and character development.  Actual tear jerker game.

Peter:  Super Mario 64.  Probably just because of nostalgia honestly, but it’s still a crazy game.  I don’t play too many video games.

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